1) Which colony saw the most Revolutionary War battles and skirmishes?
South Carolina
North Carolina
2) Which battle did Thomas Miles serve as Captain in the militia in Col. Roebuck's regiment?
Siege of Ninety-Six
Battle of the Cowpens
Musgrove's Mill Battle
King's Mountain

3) Name the Strategy by which the Patriot forces defeated Tarlton at Cowpens.
Shock and awe
Double envelopment
Inverted wedge
4) Why is Sarah Farrow's mother, Rosannah Waters Farrow considered a Patriot?
She was proud to have 4 sons old enough to fight for liberty.
Arranged a trade of 2 British soldiers for each one of her capturerd sons.
She rode all night on horseback to secure the release of her sons, the Farrow boys.
All of the above.

5) Who was a soldier in George Washington's first battle at Ft. Necessity?
Col. Thomas Farrow
Col. Philemon Waters
Capt. Thomas Miles
Maj. Gen. Nathanael Greene
6) What Revolutionary War Battle took place within 3 miles of Thomas and Sarah's home?
Battle of Musgrove's Mill
Battle of Blackstock's Plantation
Siege of Ninety-Six
The Battle of Cowpens

7) Who Was Thomas Miles' commander during his service in the Revolutionary War?
Capt. Thomas Farrow
Daniel Morgan
Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton
Lt. Col. Benjamin Roebuck
8) Whose home was used as a hospital after the Battle of Blackstock's?
Landon Farrow
Rev. Spencer Bobo
William Blackstock
Thomas Miles

9) Which one of Thomas and Sarah's grandsons became ministers?
George Washington Miles
Wiley Miles
Miles Rainwater
All of the above
10) Which son of John Farrow and Rosannah Waters Farrow became a US Congressman?
Thomas Farrow
Landon Farrow
Samuel Farrow
John Farrow

11) What southern rock band's 1992 CD's title was based on William Walker's (Rosannah F. Miles' brother in-law) famous 1835 hymnal ?
Marshall Tucker Band
Lynyrd Skynyrd
The Allman Brothers Band
The Black Crowes
12) Who was the founder & headmaster of the now haunted St. Albans Boys School in Radford, VA?
George Washington Miles, Jr.
Henry P. Farrow
Dr. Francis Asbury Miles
Thomas Pinckney Miles

13) Name the Miles descendent who became one of the 1st members of the Social Security Board.
Vincent Morgan Miles
Lovick Pierce Miles
Merriam Lee Miles
Daniel Martin Miles
14) Name the cousins that appeared in Life Magazine in 1944 and 1946.
M. Sherman Miles & Rebecca Alice Miles
Michael Wilder & Patrica Brennan
O. Landon Miles & Martha Ellis Miles
Tracy Farrow & Amy Koon

15) Name the Miles descendant who became editor and co-owner of The Spartanburg Herald.
Alexander F. Miles
Thomas Miles Bragg
William R. Clement
Charles Oscar Hearon
16) Which grandson of Thomas Farrow served as Attorney General of Georgia 1868-1871.
Henry Patillo Farrow
Thomas Stobo Farrow
Hosea Jefferson Dean
John Thomas Dean

17) Name the Farrow desendants who practiced obstetrics & gynecology .
Dr. Samuel Farrow
Dr. Frank Farrow Simpson
Dr. Samuel Farrow Styles
All of the above.
18) Rev. Wiley M. Miles, who's your daddy?
Landon Miles
Isaac Miles
Preston Miles
Daniel Miles