Thomas Miles - Payment "for militia duty in Roebucks Regiment since the fall of Charleston [ ] Anderson return accounts"

Recorded  in the South Carolina Archives
Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution File #5235 
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This page includes the signature of Thomas Miles and Thomas Farrow.  Dated 09 Feb 1788

Recorded in the South Carolina Archives
Accounts Audited of Claims Growing Out of the Revolution File #5235
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John Farrow's signature on his Rev. War pension application.
John Farrow's signature on his Rev. War pension application.

Revolutionary War Pension Application of John Farrow S21193
(Sworn Affidavit of Thomas Farrow)

South Carolina Laurens District
            Personally came before me the subscribing Justice Captain Thomas Farrow and being duly sworn makes oath that John Farrow as a soldier of the revolution, that he served under this deponent, who commanded a company during the revolutionary war, nearly 18 [months?], that he was in the battle of Cowpens at the siege of Ninety six, in the battle of the Tory Camps on Edisto and also in a battle on Tyger River where this deponent was wounded – that this deponent has good reason to believe that the said John Farrow was in the battle of Musgrove’s Mills and the he rendered other service to his country during our revolutionary struggle and that he knows him to have been a true friend to his country.  This deponent also recollects that the said John Farrow was stationed on Beach Island for a tur of duty for five [?] months under the command of Colonel Thomas.
            Sworn to and subscribed the 19th day of October 1832
S/ John Garlington, Clk                                         S/ Thomas Farrow

South Carolina, Laurens District
Personally appeared John Farrow before me John Garlington, Clerk of the Court of Laurens District, who being sworn says that the following Statement of his Services in the Revolutionary War is Just & true. 
That in all the different Terms of Service hereinafter stated he served as a private in regularly embodied corps of militia called into Service by competent authority and that during the time stated in each term of service he was not employed in any civil pursuit. That his Terms of Service were:
1st   2 months under Capt. John Ford in Col. John Thomas' Regiment in the Fall of 1779 in Ninety Six District South Carolina.
2nd   2 months in the latter part of 1779 & first of 1780 under Capt. John Ford in Col. John Thomas' Regiment within what was then called Ninety Six District South Carolina.
3rd   2 months March & April 1780 under Capt. John Martindale in Col. Thos. Brannon's [sic, Thomas Brandon] Regiment as a substitute in the place of Thomas Scales—Major Bullock belonged to the Regiment—Col. Purvis also was in command but did not belong to the Regiment. This Service was performed principally in the State of Georgia and Cupboard Creek near Augusta.
4th   5 months & 25 days from 20th July 1780 to 15 Jany. 1781 under Capt. Benjamin Robuck [sic, Roebuck] in Col. John Thomas' Regiment; the greater part of the time within the limits of Ninety Six District So. Carolina. A short period of this time was in North Carolina—during the Term of Service the Battle of Musgrove's Mill on Enoree River occurred in which he was engaged.
5th   5 months & 15 days from 15th Jany. 1781 to 1st July 1781 under Capt. Thomas Farrow in the Regiment commanded by Colonels Thomas and White. This Service performed in Ninety Six District South Carolina—During this Term the Battle of the Cowpens occurred in which he was engaged, also the siege of Ninety Six.
6th   9 months form 1 July 1781 till 1 April 1782 under Capt. Thomas Farrow in the same regiment & within Ninety Six District.
7th   1 year & 12 days from 1st April 1782 to 12th April 1783 under Capt. Thomas Farrow in the same Regiment: This Service performed principally in Ninety Six District, some in Orangeburg District So. Carolina.
That these periods making in all three years two months & twenty two days constitute the
Service for which the applicant claims a Pension as a private—That his age at present is Seventy Seven years 1st   October last and that he resided in what is now called Spartanburg District then being part of what then was Ninety Six District South Carolina when he enlisted [in] the Service:  That he has resided in Spartanburg & Laurens Districts ever Since the War & lives now in Laurens District So. Carolina.
That the proof by which his Declaration is Supported in addition to the affidavit of Capt.
Thomas Farrow already furnished is a certificate from the Comptroller's Office in the State of South Carolina which is herewith transmitted. The applicant says that he supposed all the other material facts necessary in his case will be found in his original Declaration and the  amendments thereto and begs leave to call the attention of the Department mores especially to his Declaration marked 1 & his first amendment marked 2.
S/ John Farrow




Revolutionary War Pension Application of

Thomas Farrow S17946 fn110NC

Original transcription by Will Graves


Thomas Miles’ sworn affidavits for Thomas Farrow’s Revolutionary War Pension March 1833 and August 1833:


South Carolina

Spartanburg District

Personally came Thomas Miles before me Joel Dean a Justice of the peace and made Oath that he was well acquainted with Thomas Farrow Esquire in the Revolution War that in the beginning of the fall of the year 1780 Thomas Farrow went in the Army under Colonel John Thomas & Colonel Henry White they were the Head Commanders of these Spartan Regiment (then Ninety six District South Carolina now Spartanburg District) Colonel Casey & Colonel Brandon [sic, Thomas Brandon] were the head Colonels in the adjoining regiments the said Thomas Farrow was in the Army till peace was made between us & England in the year 1783 in which time he never followed his farm nor any other civil pursuit to the best of his recollection & belief and that he was with said Farrow at different times and places in the service –


Sworn to and subscribed the 29th day of March 1833 before me

S/ Joel Dean JP S/ Thomas Miles




South Carolina Spartanburg Dist

I Joel Dean one of the justices of the peace in & for Spartanburg District do certify that Thomas Miles who has sworn to and subscribe to the above affidavit is a person in whom our confidence may be placed in his affidavit and full faith and credit may be placed thereon.

Sworn under my hand & seal the 29th day of March 1883.


S/Joel Dean


State of South Carolina

Spart anburg District

Personally appeared Thomas Miles by me who being Sworn in due form of law on his oath Saith that about the 30th of December 1778 Colonel John Thomas Senior gave Thomas Farrow the 1st Lieutenant’s commission and at the same time he gave me the 2nd Lieutenant’s commission both under Captain John Ford of the 1st Spartan Regiment commanded by John Thomas he had Colonel Henry White Lieutenant Colonel & Major Thomas Brandon all officers acting under the State authority. I was with Lieutenant Farrow at different times & places done duty under him in the year 1780 – 1781 & 1782 but not long enough in nary tour to be worth my notice he said Farrow was with Colonel John Thomas Junior who succeeded Colonel John Thomas Senior and Colonel Henry White & Sometimes Colonel Thomas Brandon & Colonel Levi Casey belonging to the adjoining Regiments the said Farrow was with men that was called into service by proper authority & the above named officers was all Commanders of some more & some fewer men I thought by Government authority and Everything proved to it to be so, Colonel John Thomas sometime in the beginning of the year 1782 Left the Army and went into the State troops as I heard & Benjamin Roebuck was Lieutenant Colonel under Colonel White of the 1st Spartan Regiment – we lived but a small distance apart I was knowing to the times when he went in the Army & when he left the Army at the close of the war & I think it was about the last of February 1783, however, my memory has failed me very much I mentioned in another affidavit here unto affixed that the time that he the said Farrow went into the Army was about the beginning of the fall of the year 1780 it might be nearer the first of November I any sure but I think it was not later than I have now mentioned – I am about 92 years old my memory has failed very much, I know no other named colonel Thomas 1st Spartan Regiment & General Williamson’s Brigade & the South Carolina troops, Lieutenant Farrow served with the above mentioned Troops and in the State of South Carolina – sometimes in the lower part of the State & sometimes in the Upper part of the State the above mentioned troops was very often in pursuit of the Tories & British or making their Escape from the Tories & British and this deponent further saith that Lieutenant Farrow was Badly wounded in and Action with the Enemy Tories –


Sworn and Subscribed this 15th day of August 1833 before

S/M Casey, Q. U. S/ Thomas Miles


 The State of So. Carolina

Spartanburg District

I do hereby testify that Thos Miles whose name is subscribed within is a man of high respectability and [ ] and due faith and credit may and ought to be place in his affidavit

Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of August 1833

S/ M Casey

Landon Farrow
Revolutionary War Pensions Application    
W21088 fm95SC

 William H. Miles and Capt. Landon Miles affidavits

Major William Miles a highly credible citizen of Spartanburg District aged 60 years past on oath says that he was personally and intimately acquainted with Landon Farrow and his wife Rachel Late of Spartanburg District since his first recollection whose heirs are now applicants for a Pension and is a nephew of the said Landon Farrow and was raised some 4 miles distant from and often in their Family and has often heard her the said Rachel speak of her suffering and privations during the war after her said marriage that he distinctly recollects one occurrence narrated that it was as follows that on one occasion Landon Farrow and a number [of] Whigs were suppressed by a party of Tories at his own house and that the [ ] Mr. Walker his Brother-in-law rode up and told them that the Torys were coming but before they could escape the house was surrounded and they barricaded the doors and prepared to defend themselves and killed one of the assailants. The Tories attempted to burn the house and finally agreed that they would leave if the Whigs would give them some ammunition and arms which being overpowered they agreed to do one of the [ ] agreed was a pistol and Landon Farrow offered to hand it out at a crack in the house which the Torys refused to take unless handed brich [?] foremost which Farrow was unwilling to do and finally the parties agreed that Rachel the wife of Landon above named carried out and delivered the pistol and the Torys left these statements he has often heard from Captain Thomas Farrow and others of the party as well as said Rachel and that there is no fact better known or more fully believed by the old settlers of Rachel Farrow’s vicinity then the services of Landon Farrow after his marriage to the said Rachel generally until after the close of the War which opinion is general and has never been doubted and that the deponent is disinterested and further say that Landon Farrow and his brother Captain Thomas Farrow, Samuel Farrow and John Farrow were the last men who left the service of the Country and that Landon was the Younger of the 4 brothers and always understood that he was an officer but has never understood what rank he held. S/ William H. Miles

Sworn to and Subscribed before me the 28th day of January A.D. 1854.

S/ H. W. Ducker, JP [fn p. 46, Capt. Landon Miles, son of the sister of Landon Farrow, also gave a supporting affidavit.] Capt. Landon Miles a highly credible citizen of Spartanburg District on oath says that he was intimately and personally acquainted with Landon Farrow and Rachel his wife since his first recollections and was often in their Family as his mother and Landon Farrow were brother and sister and their oldest child and himself are near the same age and he is now in the seventy second year of his age and always understood and believes that the said Landon Farrow and his wife Rachel were married in time of the Revolution and was generally in service until the close of the war as he had often heard the said Landon his wife and other soldiers of their vicinity speak of his services after his marriage until the close of the war which fact has never been doubted in this vicinity.

Landon Farrow  
Revolutionary War Pensions Application

W21088   fm95SC

Affidavit by Isaac Miles

State of South Carolina)
Spartanburg District)

Personally appeared before me one Isaac Miles aged seventy years who being duly sworn on his oath saeth that he is well Acquainted with the hand writing of Landon Farrow, who was a soldier of the Revolution, that the family record Exhibited to him and which is attached to this deposition is in the hand writing of the said Landon Farrow except the following viz. “Landon Waters was born 7th day of May 1799 and L. F. Deceased on Saturday May 18 1799 Landon Farrow Junr. Deceased June 5th day 1801 this deponent further says that “he lived with the said Landon Farrow in his life time & frequently saw him write and has no doubt but the said record  is genuine – this deponent further states that the said Landon Farrow did serve in the war of the Revolution after he was married to his wife Rachel Farrow and that the said Landon Farrow died the 18 May 1799 and that the said Rachel Farrow continued widow until her death which was on the 27th day of April 1842

                                                                              S/Isaac Miles

Sworn to and subscribed before me 12 day of Jany [January] 1846
                John Davis

I certify that Isaac Miles who has sworn and subscribed to the written affidavit is a gentleman of good character and worthy to be believed.  Given under my hand the day and date above
                 S/ John Davis